Terms of Service “TOS”


1.1. These Terms, together with the Trader's Agreement, contain all the provisions relating
to the provision of PAMM-Account service. Each client or potential client, who wants to
become an Investor or PAMM-Manager assumes full obligation in acquaintance and
understanding the content of these documents before using the service.
1.2. It is acknowledged that the Customer’s registration as the PAMM assumes that the
Customer agrees to these Terms. Therefore, by registering as a PAMM-Manager or
Investor client accepts the Offer with the Broker.
1.3. It is acknowledged that the PAMM-Account service is not for the investor trust management
service for managing funds. PAMM-Account service is intended only for investors
possibility follows the trading strategies, which was selected by PAMM-Manager of specific
1.4. Each decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of any particular offer is a private
choice of potential investors.
The Broker on its part has no effect on these decisions of potential investors.


2.1. Unless indicated to the contrary, the terms used in the PAMM terms Offer from the list
below will have the following meanings and may be used both in singular as plural.
a) Investor means Client who invested funds to one or more PAMM-accounts;
b) PAMM-Manager is Customer under the control of which is one or more PAMM Accounts;
c) PAMM-Manager’s Offer is set of parameters for the commercial terms that are offered
by the PAMM-Manager for potential investors;
d) PAMM-Manager’s Capital – is funds deposited and managed by the PAMM-Manager
in the composition of the funds of investors who invested funds within the PAMM Account;
e) "Livetrades.com / Live Feed Ltd " – client's personal area (profile), provides customers access
to accounts (deposit/withdrawal funds), personal information, investing etc.;
f) The minimum initial investment is a condition of the Manager’s Offer for the minimum
acceptable amount of the initial deposit on PAMM-Account.
g) PAMM-Account is account which is managed by the Manager under the
Terms of the Manager’s Offer and combines the funds of all investors that accepted
the terms of the PAMM-Manager’s Offer.
h) Rollover is a regular event, moment of approach of which is determined in
accordance with these Terms and Conditions, used for collecting and updating
statistics on the PAMM-Account for the calculation and paying of remuneration to
the PAMM-Manager and processing of requests for deposit / withdrawal of funds;
i)Terms means these PAMM-Accounts Terms;
j)Other terms that were not defined above have the meanings assigned to
the Trader’s Agreement.


3.1. The mission of the PAMM-Account service is in providing for investors the possibility of
transferring rights to the PAMM-Manager (as its agent) for making trading operations on
PAMM-Account in Investors’ interests.
3.2.All trading operations without exceptions on investment account are made only by
Managing Trader. In accordance with this, the investor can not have any claims to
the Broker relatively to trade on the investment account.


4.1. In order to inform investors about terms of the PAMM-Account PAMM-Manager is obliged
to publish the relevant PAMM-Manager’s Offer.
Based on the parameters specified in the PAMM-Manager’s Offer, the Company
calculates the remuneration payable to PAMM-Manager and other terms and conditions
applicable to each specific PAMM-Account.
4.2. Acceptance of the PAMM-Manager’s Offer by Investor is not a contract between the
investor and the PAMM-Manager.
Acceptance of the PAMM-Manager’s Offer represents the desire of investors to the
Broker to follow a trading strategy of the specific PAMM-Account.
Authorizes the Broker to automatically execute of transactions on the PAMM-Account of
the PAMM-Manager using the funds invested by the Investor to the Investment Account.
Also authorizes the Broker to calculate the remuneration and pay from the PAMM-Account
to PAMM-Manager.
4.3. Activation Terms of PAMM-Manager’s Offer presented on the website of the Broker.


5.1. To transfer funds to your trading account and withdraw funds from your trading account Investor
uses "Livetrades.com / Live Feed Ltd " functional portal. The amount intended for deposit on the
PAMM-Account is charged and the amount charged from the PAMM-Account is credited to clients
trading account. Withdrawals will be requested amount minus the payments in favor PAMM-Manager
under the terms of the PAMM-Managers Offer.
The request cannot be canceled after its direction.
5.2.In the case where a transferring currency to the PAMM-Account differs from the PAMM
account currency, the conversion performs at the internal rate of the Broker. The funds
withdrawn from the PAMM-Account is credited to the Investor's PAMM Account currency.
5.3.Depositing funds on the PAMM-Account or the withdrawal funds from the PAMM Account will be
made within the next Rollover after receiving request by Broker from
5.4. When Investor send a request to the Broker for withdraw funds from the PAMM Account, the
Investor's responsibility is to ensure that the amount is available for
withdrawal, otherwise Broker may reject such a request.


6.1. Rollover is carried out according to the rollover graphic of the specific PAMM-Account.
Rollover period of the specific PAMM-Account is set by PAMM-Manager and can be shift
on condition that the interests of all parties in the PAMM system (the trader, investors
and partners) are taken into account. The time of each Rollover can take several minutes
(no more than 1 hour).
6.2. Rollover is used for collecting and updating statistics on the PAMM-Account, for the
calculation and paying of remuneration to the PAMM-Manager and processing of
requests for deposit / withdrawal of funds.


7.1. Funds of PAMM-Account are calculated according to the following principle:
a) profit or loss for each open position increases or decreases the funds accordingly;
b) payment of remuneration to the PAMM-Manager accordingly reduces the funds;
c) deposit funds to PAMM-Account, respectively, increases funds;


8.1. In addition to taking over guarantees and assurances in accordance with the terms of
the Customer Agreement, each investor and PAMM-Manager further guarantee and
undertake to assure that:
a) he/she has fully read and understood these Terms and agrees to comply with them;
b) his/her activities related to any of the PAMM-Account fully comply with any
applicable law;
c) he/she in a timely manner informs the Broker about existence of disputable situation
or any claim relatively to service of the PAMM-account in accordance with the
provisions of the Trader's Agreement on the procedure for resolving disputes.
8.2. Manager further warrants, undertakes and assures that:
a) he/she will carry out transactions in the interest of investors;
b) he/she will assist the Broker to the extent necessary to resolve any disputable issues
or complaints received from investors;
c) he/she will not claim actions that may create the appearance that he/she is affiliated
with the Broker, or cooperates with the Broker. In particular, it is not allowed to use
the logo of the Company in any documents of PAMM-Manager;
d) in the event of a dispute, the Broker reserves the right to block all funds on the
accounts of Manager until full settlement of the dispute.


9.1. Upon liquidation of PAMM-Account all opened orders on this account will
be automatically closed at the current price and all pending orders will be
automatically canceled.
9.2. Manager for its part has the right to initiate PAMM-Account liquidation, giving the Broker a
corresponding request by the "Livetrades.com / Live Feed Ltd ", in which case the PAMM-Account will
be liquidated.

9.3. After the account liquidation, the funds on this account is automatically shared between all
participants of the account and the account is removed from the PAMM rating.
9.4. Upon PAMM-Account liquidation, the Broker sends appropriate notifications via
"Livetrades.com / Live Feed Ltd " to Manager and Clients.


10.1. The investor must be aware of the risks inherent in the PAMM-Account service (such
risks are in addition to the risks that are described in the risk Declaration), which can lead
to substantial losses up to the loss of all funds invested on the PAMM-Account:
a) the Broker does not have opportunities to fully verify the degree of professionalism
and experience of PAMM-Managers, respectively it is possible that the skills and
knowledge of PAMM-Manager to manage the PAMM-Account may not be enough;
b) PAMM-Manager can disrupt the obligation to manage the PAMM-Account with
respect to the best interests of investors, which the Broker may not have the
information, so that the funds invested to PAMM-Account, can be lost;
c) in the case of non-compliance with the privacy of identification data by
PAMM-Manager, access to the PAMM-Account can get unauthorized person,
in consequence of that, the funds invested to PAMM-Account, may be lost;
d) The positive results of the PAMM-Account management in the past, can not be
regarded as a precondition for an unambiguous positive results in the future on
the same PAMM-Account;
10.2. If the Broker has grounds for supposing the action of PAMM-Manager as a
violation of these Terms and Conditions, the Broker reserves the right on its
discretion to use the funds placed by PAMM-Manager in the Company, in order to
meet the claims of investors who have placed their funds to the PAMM-Account of
the PAMM-Manager.
10.3. Information provided in this section (list of risks) is not (and is not meant to be)
exhaustive. Every PAMM-Manager undertakes to make an informed decision about
managing the PAMM-Account before this PAMM-Account is registered. Each
investor undertakes to assess all possible risks before investing money in the
PAMM-Account, and if necessary, seek professional advice on the matter.


11.1. We are not responsible directly or indirectly with any trading decision or technical functionality
and we reserve our right to modify our terms and conditions at any time and post them on our website
without any requirements related to the notification of our users.
11.2. In order to avoid doubt, the provisions of the “Trader Agreement” about limitation of
liability, settlement of disputes, the notification and other provisions are applicable
to the Broker and the customer, acting as PAMM-Manager and Investors in
compliance with these Terms and Conditions.


12.1 We are required by law to inform you that trading is risky. There are various factors, such as the
international prices volatility, which is very difficult to predict. Due to such volatility, in addition to the
spread that we add to all calculations and quotes, no financial contract purchased or other service
offered on our Website (whether or not the payout exceeds the premium amount) may be considered
as a safe trade.
12.2 Do not enter into transactions or invest funds that are above your financial abilities. Also, certain
financial products are not suitable for people without the relevant knowledge and / or experience. This
is why we provide you with different options in terms of products and services, depending on your
abilities and knowledge. If you would still wish to open an account, we will ask you to acknowledge that
you are aware of the Financial Risks


13.1 It is possible, but extremely rare, that a transaction may be performed on a wrong price due a miss-
quote price feed from any of our third party liquidity providers or through an unexpected technical fault.
Equally, there may be delays due to internet connection or occasions where a position is opened or
closed based on latent prices that do not reflect the correct market prices at the time of transaction,
resulting in an inaccurate profit or inaccurate loss.
13.2 Such events may affect your transactions and our business. In this case, we will take all the
necessary measures, immediately, to remedy and rectify the situation, as it is fair and suited to each
case. Remedies include correcting deal entry prices or exit prices according to the correct market rates
at the time of transaction. We may need to cancel any transaction(s) which are executed wrongly due to
the 'price misquote', for example from preset limit/pending orders been triggered due to mispricing. We
make our best efforts to contact and inform you for our actions, by telephone or by e-mail.


14.1 In the unlikely event that we may need to suspend our services, on both our
proprietary and third party platforms, we will terminate our relationship with you and subsequently
close all open positions at payouts fair and reasonable at the time. Such payouts shall be determined by
reference to the daily values published on our website that are related to the inter-bank trading data
received on financial contract quotes. Further to the above information, we may impose, at our
discretion, trading volume and other restrictions on your accounts.


15.1 You will see on our website, broadcasts, links to both internal and external websites, such as
investment research providers, relevant to the content and the nature of our services. The scope of this
information is to provide you with relevant information to our services to keep you up to date with the
market news and to give you some background information on the market. These links are not
recommendations or advertisement by a third party but they are to be used purely for information and
reference. Hence, we do not assume any liability on the accuracy of such information or for the content
of the links and we are not bound by it.

15.2 You may be asked to register or subscribe before viewing the content of external links; it is upon
your discretion to do so. We do not hold ourselves liable for the material of those links and / or any
exposure that your data may be subject to if you decide to disclose personal information.
Notwithstanding the above, if you consider that certain content of external links may be in breach of our
rules and policies or they are irrelevant to our business, please notify us by email.
15.3 We take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the content published on our website.
However, any information published is presented "as of the date published or indicated", and may be
superseded by subsequent market events or for other reasons. In no circumstances, we guarantee the
accuracy of such information that is
published purely for reference purposes. Subsequently, we shall not accept liability for any loss or
damage that may arise directly or indirectly from the content of the information published on our


16.1 You must be over 18 years of age, so as to enter into a contractual relationship with us.
16..2 You are aware that our services are currently provided solely electronically. We are not liable for
any system failure either from your side or ours, including but not limited to internet connection,
electricity power cut, telephone communication failure, high Internet traffic demand, malicious
interference / access to your system or ours, hardware error, mobile applications non-compatibility with
our System, including our proprietary or third party system. We cannot guarantee that the software and
/ or the system that we own or we manage on behalf of a third party, is uninterrupted and error free or
available at all times.
16.3 You will not transmit to or in any way, whether directly or indirectly, expose our system to any
computer virus or other similarly harmful or malicious material or device.
16.4 In no event shall we be liable for lost profits or any special, incidental or consequential damages
arising out of or in connection with our website, system, products and services, except as stated in this


17.1 References to the term “LiveTrades” throughout this agreement relates to “Live Feed Ltd”
17.2 The Company is incorporated in Iceland, with Registered Number 5603151390.


LiveTrades.com is categorized as a financial introduction service that pairs clients, traders, and
brokers together. We are not directly responsible for trading decisions or technical
functionality. You must be 18 year of age to establish an account. Our legal team reserves the
right to deny any application based on AML/KYC protocols. LiveTrades.com does not accept
clients from the United States or sanctioned countries including but not limited to: Belarus,

Balkans, Cuba, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Congo, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, North
Korea, Myanmar, or countries that do not allow leveraged retail trading services. Each broker
carries different regulatory classifications. Transactions processed by WireX Ltd. (CRN
09334596). WireX Ltd. is authorized by the FCA (FRN: 902025) under the electronic Money
Regulations 2017 for the issuing of electronic fiat money and payment instruments.
18.2 DISCLAIMER: Any financial trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for
all individuals. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before
deciding to invest you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience
and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some, or all, of your
initial investment. Therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. In
some cases, it is possible to lose more than your initial investment as it is not always possible to
exit a market at the price you intend upon doing so. There are also risks associated with utilizing
an Internet-based trade execution software application including, but not limited to, the failure
of hardware and software. You should be aware of all the risks associated with investing in
financial markets, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any
doubts. The information made available by LiveTrades.com (Live Feed Ltd) is for your general
information and use and is not intended to address your particular requirements. In particular,
the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation and is not intended
to be relied upon by users in making, or refraining from making, any investment decisions.
LiveTrades.com (Live Feed Ltd) will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including but
without limitation to, any financial loss, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or
reliance on such information either provided by him or others that participate in the services


19.1 All intellectual property of our proprietary platforms, products and services belongs to the
Company. We allow you only the access and the use of the platforms for the performance of the trade
transactions. Intellectual Property includes but it is not limited to any copyright on materials, the
platforms, software, processes, source code, websites, patents, designs, databases, patents, trademarks,
methodology, know how, trade secrets, business plans, promotional and marketing material, in any sort
of form. We retain all rights, title and interest in all our Intellectual Property rights, arising out of this


20.1 We only grant you with a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to access and use our
proprietary platforms or third party platforms that we manage and to benefit from our products and
services. You shall not attempt to access or use our website, any platform or applications (i.e. the
"System") that we own or we manage, for any purpose that is not expressly authorized by this
Agreement, including but not limited to the following actions: copy, merge or transfer copies, lease,
sublicense, distribute, transfer, adapt, upgrade, modify, translate or timeshare, reverse engineer,
disassemble, decompile, alter or amend our Intellectual Property, in whole or part; make variations,
enhancements or improvements to the System; alter or amend any or all of the content of our on-line

accounts or third party accounts that we manage (or any part thereof); use the System (or any part
thereof) to store or otherwise archive in any form, any pricing data or other data provided via the
System, for any purpose, without our prior consent.
20.2 The non-proprietary platforms are the owned by third parties. Separate terms and conditions of
access and use may apply. Please
visit the Respective websites for details.


21.1 It is within our intentions to resolve any matter of concern or dispute with our
clients in an amicable manner. Hence, any dispute, miscommunication will be initially addressed to your
personal client manager who will attempt to resolve it directly with you. Any dispute that cannot be
mutually resolved shall be referred to an arbitrator that will be appointed by both parties (us and you) in
writing. If we still cannot reach an agreement with you, the issue will be resolved before the Courts in
the Republic of Iceland under the laws of the Republic of Iceland as governing law.


22.1 Your communication with us is by telephone, e-mail or fax. Please note that our calls are recorded
so as to safeguard and protect your interests and for us to ensure the quality of our services. We may,
but we are not obligated, to retain any communication with you.


23.1 We will not be liable for any failure in performance of the terms of this Agreement if such failure is
caused by certain unforeseeable events, including but not limited to acts of God, war, governmental
decree, natural disasters, power failure, failure in communication lines or other network failure,
judgment or legal order, strike, or other circumstances, beyond our reasonable control.


24.1 This Agreement supersedes any prior written or verbal communication or understanding. We may
change the terms of this Agreement at any time. Any later version of this document shall supersede all
previous versions.